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4 Eco-Friendly Options For Your Auto Body Repair

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When you need auto body repairs done on your vehicle, it's easy to see how much waste can add up. Old parts, new paint, and a variety of tools can be used to fix vehicles. Instead of creating the extra waste to fix the vehicle, you have the ability to choose from Eco-friendly options. The following four options will help reduce waste and still get your car back into its original condition.

Junkyard Parts

Instead of ordering new parts from a manufacturer, you can save construction and waste by bringing your own parts to an auto shop like Collision One. One of the best way to get used and recycled parts is by visiting automobile junkyards. Many junkyards often have an inventory of the cars, so you can easily search the same make and model as your vehicle.

Once you find the car, you can make an offer on the available parts. Not only do you have the ability to help the environment with the recycled parts, but they can often be found for much cheaper than purchasing brand new parts. Depending on the type of vehicle you own, you may have to search multiple junkyards in your order to find the best match. An auto body shop may also find these parts for you as they complete the labor for the job.

Recycling Parts

When we drop off our old cars at the shop, we often forget about where the old parts go while we're enjoying the new and improved vehicle. By asking a couple of questions, you can find out about the specific recycling process used for old your parts. This process will also help remove extra paint and hazardous items so they are properly disposed of. In some cases, you may even collect the old parts to properly recycle them yourself. Consult with the shop about the process for collecting and recycling your car parts.

Paint Options

One of the main processes in a body shop is the final paint job that is applied to your vehicle. Instead of just getting the matching color, you can inquire about more Eco-friendly paint options that will still provide an even coat of paint.

  • Low VOC: Many auto body paints contain high levels of VOCs. Also known as a volatile organic compounds, the chemicals are bad for the atmosphere and the environment. Through a special request, you can ask for paint that has a low VOC content. This can reduce the carbon footprint for your vehicle repairs.
  • Computerized Paint Mixing: To help save extra energy and reduce waste, request that your paint is processed through a computerized paint mixing process. Advanced computers can get your car color shade accurately and more quickly than traditional mixing. Many auto body shops use these types of mixers as a standard, but it's always a good idea to confirm them.
  • Spray Guns: Eco-friendly spray guns use less water and energy while still supplying an even coat of paint. Low energy cleaning supplies will drain hoses after the spray is applied and will use as little energy as possible.

Basecoat Options

Basecoat applications used to be mainly mixed and applied using various types of solvents. This included chemicals and airborne vapors that were bad for the environment. Now, you can request to have a basecoat applied using a water-based option. The paint is mixed with water to create an even coating that dries naturally through open air and fans. You can still enjoy the full look of a basecoat with a minimal environmental impact.

If you're working with an insurance company to cover the costs, it's important to express your desire for Eco-friendly options. This will help you determine the final costs and what is actually covered by an insurance company.