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A Truck Shell Gives Your Truck Bed More Room And Protects Your Gear From Rain And Theft

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A truck is convenient for hauling gear and taking you to remote construction sites or recreational destinations. When you have a truck, you often have to worry about your load getting wet when it rains, theft, and even neighborhood kids climbing in the truck bed. A good way to protect the bed of your truck and what you're carrying in it is to top it with a shell. Here's why a shell is often better than a tonneau cover and the options you have in truck shells.

A Shell Creates More Space In Your Truck Bed

A shell on the bed of your truck gives you more room than a tonneau cover. A cover is flat, so everything you carry has to fit under the sides of your truck bed. This limits what you can haul.

A truck shell comes in many styles and sizes, but one thing they have in common is they create more space in your truck bed. This allows you to carry more camping gear or work supplies. You can even use a truck shell for camping rather than use a tent.

A Shell Changes The Look Of Your Truck

Another interesting feature of a truck shell is that it makes your truck look like an SUV since the bed is covered with a large shell. You can match the color of the shell to the color of your truck and have an entirely different look to your vehicle while it still performs like a truck since nothing about the way the truck handles changes.

An Aluminum Shell Is Lightweight

You can choose a canvas, aluminum, or fiberglass truck shell. Aluminum is a popular choice since it is lightweight, and you may need to take that into account if you carry heavy loads. High-end aluminum shells made for contractors tend to be heavier, since they're larger and made to be more sturdy. These are also some of the most expensive truck shells you can buy.

Basic aluminum shells for recreational or camping use are lighter and more affordable. All aluminum shells are durable and easy to maintain.

Fiberglass Shells Are Sturdy

Fiberglass shells are a good choice if you want an exact color match that gives your truck an SUV look. The fiberglass shell looks like a continuous part of your truck. However, fiberglass shells are heavy. The extra weight is good if you plan to haul things on the roof of the shell, but the extra weight could be a burden when you want to take the shell off of your truck.

A Canvas Shell Is Easy To Take Off And Put On

A canvas truck bed shell doesn't provide as much protection as a shell made from fiberglass or aluminum. However, canvas is less expensive and it can be taken off more easily than other shells. If you'll take the shell off frequently, and you don't need maximum protection, you might like having a shell made of canvas for your truck.

For more information, contact a truck shell supplier in your area.