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When Is The Best Time To Inspect Your Brakes?

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If you drive your car in stop-and-go traffic every day, it may be time to inspect your brakes. Your brakes can take a beating throughout the year, especially during rush-hour traffic and other hectic times on the road. If you don't inspect your brake system soon, you may miss out on things that can make driving unsafe for you. Learn why it's important to inspect your brakes and how it's done.  

What Should You Know About Your Brakes?

Your car depends on a fully working brake system to stay safe on the road. But over time, different parts of your car's brake system can wear down, break, or stop working altogether. If your brake system takes too long to activate when you slow down or try to stop your vehicle, it could place you, pedestrians, and other drivers on the road in harm's way.

Your brake system will do a few critical things when it experiences a problem, including making strange sounds. The sounds can come from any part of your brake system. For example, your brakes may squeak or squeal if the brake pads wear down or become too thin. The brakes may make scraping sounds if they run out of fluid to keep them lubricated.

Your brake system can do a number of things you may not be aware of, such as fill up with air. If you inspect your brakes today, you can avoid the issues above tomorrow. 

How Do You Inspect Your Brakes?

First, find an automotive shop or technician who offers free brake inspections. Free brake inspections not only save you money, but they also offer an opportunity to check every component in your brake system properly. After you find the free inspection services you need, schedule an appointment right away.

An automotive shop or technician will place your car on a high lift before they inspect the brakes. The lift allows a shop or technician to test your brake system's fluid lines, pads, and rotors. A lift also allows a shop or technician to view the condition of your tires. A bad brake system can unbalance your car's tires. If the tires on your car are unbalanced, there may be something wrong with your brake system.

If there's something wrong with your brakes, a shop or technician will recommend the correct repairs. The repairs not only keep your car and its tires in good condition, but they also keep you safe on the road.

You can find a free brake inspection for your car by contacting a local automotive shop today.