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5 Budget-Friendly Auto Parts Worth Keeping On Hand For Repairs

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Automobile issues often strike at the most inconvenient times, such as when you're about to leave for a trip or the local autobody shop is closed. Some auto repairs, such as transmission or engine replacement, can be difficult to do at home. Others, such as brake upgrades or wiring swaps, may be suitable for do-it-yourself jobs. If you feel comfortable fixing minor automotive issues, here are some budget-friendly auto parts you can keep on hand for when issues arise.

1) Oil filters 

Your car's oil filter should be changed regularly. Your automobile's user manual should have details about how often to change your filter. Having an extra oil filter on hand can help you stay ahead of potential engine problems and save you from a costly trip to the mechanic.

2) Spark plugs

The spark plugs in your vehicle are responsible for igniting your fuel and air mixture. Over time, spark plugs can become clogged or damaged and should be replaced. Some signs that it's time for spark plug replacement include rough idling, poor acceleration, and increased emissions. Keeping extra spark plugs in your auto parts toolbox can help you prevent any major issues.

3) Light bulbs

It can be frustrating when you get pulled over for a missing tail light or burnt-out headlight. To avoid any miscellaneous tickets or fines, keep a few light bulbs on hand and check your lights regularly. You should also keep a few bulbs on hand for the interior of your car, such as dome lights or interior lights.

4) Windshield wiper blades

When windshield wipers stop working properly it can be dangerous for drivers, especially in rain or fog. You should check your windshield wipers regularly and replace them when they become worn out or damaged. Many auto parts suppliers sell windshield wipers for an affordable price, making it easy to keep a few extra wiper blades on hand when you need them.

5) Air filters

Many people confuse oil filters with air filters, but these are two separate auto parts. Air filters help keep your car's engine clean and healthy, so it's important to replace them frequently. Dirty air filters can reduce fuel efficiency and cause your car to run slower than normal. It's a good idea to have some extra air filters in your auto parts toolbox so you can keep your engine operating smoothly.

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