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Is Your Teenager About To Drive? 3 Things You Can Do To Worry Less

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One huge concern many parents have involves their teenage children driving. Statistically speaking, teen drivers are more likely to get in car accidents than adults, and they may not know what to do if their vehicle breaks down. Before you allow your teen child to begin driving, there are several steps you can take that may help prepare your child for driving, and these steps may help you worry less. Here are three things you may want to consider doing.

Teach The Teen Basic Car Repair Skills

You may feel better about your teen driving if you prepare him or her for this by enrolling the teen in driver's education class. This class will help your teen learn safe driving skills, but it will not teach basic car repair techniques. If you want to reduce your stress level, you may want to teach him or her a couple basic things.

The first thing is how to jump a car if the battery dies. With jumper cables and another vehicle, this task is quite easy to do, and it could come in handy if the battery ever dies. The second thing you may want to teach him or her is how to change a tire. Changing a tire is not really hard to do, but it does require a few steps.

If you teach your teen these things and make sure the car has a set of jumper cables, a spare tire, and a car jack, he or she will be able to solve these problems if they ever occur. Knowing these things could prevent the teen from getting stranded somewhere.

Pack An Emergency Kit

The second thing you may want to do is pack an emergency kit for the teen's car. An emergency kit could come in handy if he or she breaks down or gets in an accident, and you could pack a variety of things in it, such as:

  • Blankets to keep warm if it is cold outside
  • Extra socks if it is cold
  • A flashlight and extra batteries
  • Water and nonperishable food items
  • First aid kit

There are many other items you could also pack in this kit, and the items may come in handy if your child ever breaks down while driving.

Purchase Roadside Assistance

The third thing you can do as a parent to worry less about your teen driver is purchase roadside assistance. Roadside assistance is a service you can purchase from your insurance company or an independent company, and it provides fast help to drivers that encounter problems. It is designed to help for emergency situations, including:

  • Car lockouts
  • Flat tires
  • Dead batteries
  • Empty fuel tanks
  • Car problems that prevent the car from running or moving

When a problem like this occurs, your teen could call roadside assistance, and this is something that can be done 24 hours a day. When they receive the call, they will immediately send someone to help the teen. If the technician cannot get the car up and running, he or she may take the teen somewhere so he or she is not left stranded with a vehicle that will not run.

Purchasing roadside assistance is a great way to feel better about your teen child driving, and it is an affordable produce to purchase. In most cases, you can purchase roadside assistance coverage for $36 to $100 per year. If you need to use this coverage, you may incur additional fees if services are rendered that are not included in your policy. If you choose not to purchase roadside assistance, it would be smart to make sure your teen has the contact information of a towing company that can provide emergency roadside service.

If you are preparing for your son or daughter to begin driving, you may want to follow the tips mentioned here. If you need additional information or would like a quote for roadside assistance coverage, contact a company today that offers this important service.