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Fear Taking Tests & Dread Taking Your Driver's Test? Here's What You Can Do

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If you have a fear of taking tests, you may not be looking forward to taking your driving test so you can get a driver's license. Fortunately, most states allow you several chances to pass driving tests. The fear of taking tests is a real thing and is called testophobia. If you have testophobia, here are a few things you can do that may help you. 

Get treatment 

There are several treatment options for testophobia. First and foremost, you'll want to get evaluated by a therapist to determine the cause(s) of your fear so the therapist can develop a treatment strategy designed specifically for you. To do the evaluation, the therapist will ask you to describe your fear and the feelings associated with it. You'll also be asked to dig into your memory to try to identify anything that may have contributed to your fear of taking tests.

Treatment options include the following: 

  • exposure therapy
  • talk therapy
  • medication
  • cognitive behavior therapy

Depending on your needs and the severity of your phobia, the therapist may recommend more than one treatment or all, if necessary. 

Take practice tests 

As they say, practice makes perfect. However, practicing driving doesn't necessarily make you ready to take a driving test. Having someone sitting beside you, watching your every move, and grading your driving capabilities is definitely something that you'll want to practice. To do this, you'll need to practice taking driving tests with someone who knows what the testers look for and how they will respond to the various things you do while driving.

A friend, family member, or loved one won't be able to easily replicate this unless they have experience as a tester for the Department of Motor Vehicles. Fortunately, there are driving schools that include sample tests in their training. With your fear of taking tests, you could ask if they would allow you to take several sample tests until you are more comfortable with the test-taking process. Therefore, find a driving school near you that specializes in customization of their training for their students. 

It's important to note that taking practice tests is a form of exposure therapy. If you are severely affected by testophobia, ask your driving school instructor if your therapist can go along for the ride while you take a sample test. By doing this, your therapist may be able to offer suggestions and therapeutic help in the moment, if necessary.