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What To Do With Junk Vehicles That You No Longer Want

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If you have one or more junk vehicles that you no longer want to use or try to fix up, you might find yourself wondering just what it is that you are supposed to do with them. To help you figure that out, you will want to consider the following suggestions. This way, you should be able to find one solution that will work for your specific situation.

Call The Automobile Salvage Yard

You will want to call as many automobile salvage yards within your area as possible. The reason you will want to call more than one is to ensure that you are going to be offered the best possible price for your junk vehicle. Even though some may simply make an offer based on the current value of scrap metal, others might offer you a little additional money because of how much they can make off of the various parts from your vehicle. If the junk vehicle is not running, or legally inspected for use on the road, you will need to make sure to ask if the salvage yard will come with a tow truck to pick it up for you, since you are unable to drive it to their location. For example, try places like Cash for Junk Cars in Miami.

List Them For Sale For Parts

You can list your vehicles for sale for parts, which lets those looking at your advertisement know that this is not a vehicle that will be an everyday driver for them. You can offer to sell the car, as a whole, for someone who will want to have it on hand for all of the various mechanical and body parts that are still in good shape on it. Then again, you might offer to sell just the parts off of the vehicle. Then, when there is nothing left but the metal shell, you can turn it over to a junk yard for its current value based on how much scrap metal is worth at that moment. 

Donate Them To Fire Departments

Many fire departments will use junk vehicles for their firemen to practice on. They will practice using tools to open doors or windows in order to reach trapped people. Then they might set the vehicle on fire, as this will give the firemen a chance to practice putting out the fire. Just call some local fire departments to see if they are interested in the junk vehicles that you currently have.